Tyson Gerhold

VP Revenue Operations at Huntress

Tyson Gerhold has a diverse work experience spanning over two decades. Tyson is currently serving as the VP of Revenue Operations at Huntress, where they focus on combating cyber threats targeting small and mid-market businesses. Previously, they held the same position at Fivetran, contributing to the development of a zero-maintenance data replication pipeline. Before that, they served as the VP of WW Sales Operations at Clumio, specializing in cloud-based enterprise backup and recovery solutions. Tyson also held leadership roles at Pure Storage, EMC-BRS Division (formerly Data Domain), Decarolis Direct, The Gap, Mervyn's, Victoria's Secret Catalog, and Bath and Body Works. With a strong background in sales operations, analytics, and management, Tyson has amassed valuable experience throughout their career.

Tyson Gerhold attended Franklin University from 2001 to 2002, where they pursued a Masters of Business Administration with a focus on Marketing. In addition, between 1988 and 1990, they studied at Columbus Academy. However, no specific degree or field of study is mentioned for this period.


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  • VP Revenue Operations

    July, 2023 - present