Valerie Stierhoff

Special Projects Manager at Imagine

Valerie Stierhoff is the current Program Operations Manager at Imagine, a center for coping with loss. Valerie has been with the company since January 2017 and their previous position was that of Office Manager. In this role, they were responsible for managing program operations for Imagine's support group program, which included accepting incoming calls and providing information and connections for those seeking support. Valerie also managed communications for Nights of Support each week, maintained the database, and managed the phone system. In addition, they assisted with HR tasks such as posting job openings and completing initial screening of applicants. Valerie was also involved in planning special events for participants and volunteers. As Office Manager, they were responsible for composition and release of communications to participants and volunteers, as well as press releases regarding upcoming trainings and events.

Prior to working at Imagine, Valerie was a Substitute Teacher at the Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA Preschool from January 2015 to December 2016.

Valerie Stierhoff received a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science/Early Childhood & Elementary Ed from Drew University. Valerie also has a certification from the NJ State Department of Education in Elementary and Early Childhood Education.

Valerie Stierhoff reports to Richard Szeto, Interim Executive Director. They work with Connie Palmer - Clinical Training Director, Jamie Saltamachia - Training Manager, and Veronica C. Ortiz - Program Manager.



  • Special Projects Manager

    March, 2022 - present

  • Program Operations Manager

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