Chris Henkens

Director Of Legal Operations at Intellectual Ventures

Chris Henkens has extensive work experience in legal operations and data analysis. From 2009 to present, they have been the Director of Legal Operations at Intellectual Ventures, where they oversee the company's information management program, including ediscovery and legal operations. Chris has successfully implemented technology solutions and created processes to reduce ediscovery costs and increase in-house capabilities. Chris also manages the company's Contracts Management System. Prior to this, from 1999 to 2009, they worked at Washington Mutual Bank, first as a Business Systems Analyst and later as the Vice President of the Legal Department. In this role, they were responsible for overseeing the reporting and analytics team and providing data analysis and data-mining solutions for executive officers, board members, and regulatory agencies. Chris developed and implemented a litigation support business model and successfully managed top-tier projects.

Chris Henkens holds a Bachelor's degree from Seattle University. The specific field of study and the duration of the degree program have not been provided.



  • Director Of Legal Operations

    July, 2009 - present