Anup Acharya

Chief Yoga Instructor at ITC

Anup Acharya has extensive experience in the field of physical therapy, yoga, and massage therapy. Anup is currently working as a Physio at Mohun Bagan Ac since 2018. Prior to this, they served as the Chief Yoga Instructor at ITC Limited starting in 2016. Anup has also worked as a Yoga Pilates Instructor and a Professional Massage Therapist in their own business since 2008. Anup also has experience as a Chief Physiotherapist at Sports Physio since 2008 and as a Massage Therapist at Body Massage Therapy since 2007. Additionally, Anup worked as a Physiotherapist at Mohun Bagan athletic club from 2013 to 2015, and as the Chief Physical Therapist at Bengal Cricket Master in 2010.

Anup Acharya's education history includes obtaining a higher secondary degree from BMTS between 1991 and 2001. In 2008, they completed a diploma in physiotherapy from the Carrier Academy of Medical Science. Additionally, they attended Calcutta University in Kolkata, but there is no information regarding the degree or field of study. Anup also has additional certifications, including a diploma in physical therapy from Carriar Academy of Medical Science, a master degree in massage (with no institution specified), and a diploma in yoga therapy (with no institution specified).


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  • Chief Yoga Instructor

    April, 2016 - present

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