Vijaybhai B. Shah

Director, Sales & Marketing at J.B. & Brothers

Mr Vijay B Shah is Director – Sales & Marketing of J.B. And Brothers Group. He joined the group in 1982 and initially built the Rough & Polished trading business in Surat. Over the last 20 years, he has led Business Development & Marketing initiatives for the group globally. His sharp business acumen, high analytical skills; coupled with technology inclination have been the key to the Groups success.

Under his guidance, the company has grown to become one of the largest distributors of top make solitaires globally. He has been an early adopter of the latest technology and built a strong service culture internally, that has been successful in catering to a large, every increasing global customer base.

Being a big supporter of transparency, he pioneered the ‘One Price System’ and moved away from the opaque pricing system adopted by the industry; thereby increasing customer confidence and developing long-term relationships with customers. His notable contributions include the transparent Grading System (JGS); which emerged as a cutting edge system in developing unique pricing & grading of polished diamonds.


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    Director, Sales & Marketing

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