Per Wetke Hallgren

CEO at Jeudan

Per Wetke Hallgren is a businessperson who has been at the helm of 16 different companies and currently holds the position of Chairman of Cej Ejendomsadministration A, Chairman at Cej Aarhus, Co-Chairman of Center For Politiske Studier and Chief Executive Officer at Jeudan A, Chairman of Jeudan VII A, Chairman of Jeudan VI A, Chairman for Jeudan Servicepartner A, Chairman of Jeudan V A, Chairman for Jeudan II A, Chairman of Jeudan IV A, Chairman for Jeudan III A, Chairman for Jeudan I A, Chairman for Jeudan VIII A, Chairman for Jeudan IX ApS and Chairman of Jeudan X ApS (which are all subsidiaries of Jeudan A). Per Wetke Hallgren is also Member-Property Committee at Finansiel Stabilitet and on the board of 17 other companies.

In the past Mr. Hallgren held the position of Chairman for Rosk Ejendomme II A.


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