Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd

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Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd, formerly Newmarket Gold Inc, is a Canada-based mid tier gold mining, development and exploration company. It has a diversified portfolio of assets located in the stable mining jurisdictions of Canada and Australia. The Company's main gold mines are: the Macassa Mine located i... Read more





Anthony Makuch
President & Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Makuch

David Soares
Chief Financial Officer
Natasha Vaz
Chief Operating Officer
Jason Neal
Executive Vice President
Jennifer Wagner
Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability
Mohammed Ali
Vice President, Environment
Greg Gibson
Special Advisor to the CEO, Business Process Improvement
Brian Hagan
Vice President, Learning & Development Systems
Ion Hann
Vice President, Australian Operations
Eric Kallio
Senior Vice President, Exploration
Duncan King
Vice President, Canadian Operations
Gord Leavoy
Vice President, Mineral Processing
Andre Leite
Vice President, Technical Services
Evan Pelletier
Vice President, Mining (Kirkland Lake)
Darin Smith
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Mark Utting
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
Meri Verli
Senior Vice President, Business Operation Management Systems
Raymond Yip
Vice President, Business Intelligence
Adria Maillet
Director, Communications
Rejean Labelle
Director, Technology & Innovation
Chanel Gendron
Director, Finance, Project and Business Improvement
Russell Evans
Director, Backfill
Mark Edwards
Project Director, NT Mining Operations