LendLease Group is an integrated international property and infrastructure company. The Company consists of Lend Lease Corporation Limited and its controlled entities, including Lend Lease Trust. Its segments include Property Development, Infrastructure Development, Construction and Investment Manag... Read more





Org chart

Tony Lombardo
Group CEO

Tony Lombardo

Claire Johnston
CEO, Americas
Dale Connor
CEO, Australia
Frank Krile
Group Chief Risk Officer
Simon Dixon
Group Chief Financial Officer
Phillip Carpenter
Chief Operating Officer
Deb Yates
Chief People Officer
Michael Vavakis
Chief Operating Officer, Europe
Harvey Worton
Group Co-Chief Information Officer
Karen Pedersen
Group General Counsel
Mark Packer
General Counsel, Europe
Gretchen Turpen
SVP, General Manager
John Blakey
General Manager, SVP, DoD Construction
Ding Hui
Managing Director, China
Guy Cawthra
Managing Director, Investment & Capital Markets, Asia
Steve Willett
Managing Director, Construction, Asia
Sam Okeby
Managing Director, Development, Asia
Yong Su-Lin
Managing Director, Malaysia
Simon Gorski
Managing Director, Construction, Europe
Paul King
Managing Director Sustainability & Social Impact, Europe
Bek Seeley
Managing Director, Development, Europe
Toby Matthews
Group Head of Construction, & MD, Construction, Americas
Meg Spriggs
MD, Development, Americas
Andrew Trickett
MD, Investment Management, Americas
Luisa Megale
Group Head of Corporate Affairs and Marketing
Penny Ransom
Group Head of Investments
Christine Wickes
Head of Corporate Affairs & Marketing, Americas
Andrea Ruckstuhl
Head of Italy & Continental Europe
Shaina Kotecha
Head of People & Culture, Europe
Gerald Schmitz
Regional Project Director
Tiffany Shalibo
Director of Development, MHPI