Life House

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LifeHouse is more than a hotel company. They exist to make travel more meaningful and accessible. To them, access means more than the ability to enter. Access means belonging and participating.






Org chart

Rami Zeidan
Founder & CEO

Rami Zeidan

James Kay
SVP, Product & Revenue
Rani Gharbie
SVP, Acquisitions & Head of Urban Growth
Yamen Bakr
VP, Technology
Chris Perré
VP, Legal & Business Affairs & Deputy General Counsel
Henriette Kockum
VP, Interior Design
Richard Greer
Strategic Advisor
Oren Pinhas
Head Chef
Lei Xing
Creative Director
Melissa Marks
Director, Central Support
Somer Galal
Director, Development & Sourcing
Samantha Cicconi
Director of Product Management
Lyndsey Hankins
VP, Asset Management
Quinton Mulvey
Director of Culture & Community
Peter Litvinenko
Corporate Director, Head of Food & Beverage
Sudiksha Shrimali
Senior Director & Head of Strategic Operations