Lucasfilm produces original content, postproduction effects, and audio for external clients, licensed products, and the gaming industry.





Kathleen Kennedy

Lynwen Brennan
Executive Vice President & General Manager
Momita SenGupta
Executive Vice President, Physical Production
Carrie Beck
EVP, Live Action Development & Production
Dave Filoni
EVP & Chief Creative Officer
Rob Bredow
Senior Vice President, Creative Innovation & Chief Creative Officer
Rhonda Hjort
Senior Vice President, Business Affairs & Legal Counsel
Janet Lewin
Senior Vice President, Lucasfilm Visual Effects and General Manager, ILM
Paul Southern
Senior Vice President, Third-Party Commercialization & Franchise Development
Doug Chiang
SVP & Executive Design Director
Pippa Anderson
Senior Vice President, Post Production
Josh Lowden
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Skywalker Sound
James Waugh
Senior Vice President, Franchise Content & Strategy
David Goldman
Senior Vice President, Business Affairs
Lori Aultman
Vice President, Finance & Planning
Vicki Dobbs Beck
VP, Immersive Content
Blaire Chaput
Vice President, Human Resources
Joseph Cho
Vice President, Production Finance
Megan Crumpacker
Vice President, Franchise Marketing & Integrated Planning
Jacqui Lopez
Vice President, Franchise Production
Athena Portillo
Vice President, Animation Production
Douglas Reilly
Vice President, Lucasfilm Games
Rayne Roberts
Vice President, Film Development
Anna Yeager
Vice President, Marketing & Franchise Creative
Josh Rimes
Vice President, Animation Development & Production
Chris Argyropoulos
Vice President, Franchise Assets & Publicity
Chris Coxall
Vice President, Publicity & Communications
TJ Falls
VP, Visual Effects
Mike Blanchard
Vice President, Post Production
Max Taylor
VP, Film Development
Lori Gianino
Vice President, Production Technology
Dustin Sandoval
VP, Social Media & Digital
Daniel Amin
Assistant Chief Counsel
Christine Talarides
Assistant Chief Counsel