Lysa provides an automated savings platform that invests our customers' capital with high diversification and low fees without any conflicts of interest.



  • We want to help more people make better financial decisions.

    By eliminating conflicts of interest and using new technology, we can offer you a smarter, simpler and cheaper way to save. We continuously monitor, rebalance and improve your portfolio and ensure that your money is given the best possible conditions to grow over time, so that you can have more time for something else (much more important here in life) than market news, fund choices and interest rate curves. Lysa makes it is easy to save the right way.

  • We are called Lysa, which is Swedish for illuminate.

    We are here to do just that - light up an industry that has been in the shadows for far too long. We want to offer people a better way to save money by investing in funds with low fees and wide spread of risk. Sounds exciting? No. You're absolutely right. Setting up a savings plan and sticking to it without letting the emotions or daily headlines dictate, is neither exciting nor fun. But according to research, data and Nobel Prize-winning economists, it's one of the smartest things you can do.

  • The financial industry has long lived well on being a little difficult, tricky and fancy.

    Those who have been tasked with helping the customer make better decisions, have instead recommended expensive, often less good, products and received a great kick-back as a thank you. This has led to dissatisfied customers and eroded confidence in an old system. We think that’s good. Because trust has to be built on honesty and transparency, and sometimes the broken must be torn down in order for something better to be built up.

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Patrik Adamson
CEO & Co-Founder
Henrik Littecke
CTO & Co-Founder
Emilie Andersson
Head of Growth & Co-Founder
Oscar Björklund
Managing Director of Lysa Fonder
Clara Lindé
Product Owner
Gustav Westin
CFO & Business Development
Jessica Saeden
General Counsel
Helena Olander
Compliance Officer
Niklas Olsson
Project Manager
Mats Jarl
Project Manager

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