Klarna was founded in Stockholm, Sweden and is Europe’s highest valued private fintech company. They offer products and services to consumers and retailers within payments, social shopping, and personal finances. Today, Klarna has 3 000 employees from more than 90 nationalities who all work for the... Read more






Org chart

Sebastian Siemiatkowski

David Fock
Chief Product Officer
Camilla Giesecke
Chief Expansion & Operating Officer
David Sykes
Chief Commercial Officer
Andrew Halter
Head of Legal, ANZ
Amit Agnihotri
Director Marketing Analytics, CFO Consumer Domain
Anthony Greenway
Chief Accounting Officer
Niall Kilkenny
CFO, Klarna Financial Services UK (KFSUK)
Luke Griffiths
Global Chief Commercial Officer
Valeria Verzi
Head of Data Science - User Account and Fraud Prevention
Gali Heichal
Global Head of Payments Partnerships
Marissa Fagnani
Global Head of Distribution Partnerships
Onur Görüsük
Interim Global Head of People Advisory
Zachary Snyder
CXO Support & Enablement
Christopher Wanzelius
Group Lead and Global Head of User Growth
Amelia van Veenendaal
Head of Global Brand
Naori S.
Chief Marketing Officer
Rebecca Bass
Chief of Staff - Klarna Media
Corinna Rossknecht
Senior Analytics Lead (CTO area)
Henrik Leupold
CTO Sofort GmbH - Competence Group Lead Engineering KLARNA
Emily Anderson
Managing Director
Frank Hoffmann
Chief Architect
Gennady Chernov
Managing Director
Geoffrey Bowes
Global Head of Workforce Management
Anoop Goyal
Global Head of Klarna Trips
Joachim Reuss
Chief Risk Officer
Joaquin Calderon
Chief Compliance Officer
Joe Arnold
Global Head of Privacy; Data Protection Officer
Lillian F. Hayles
Managing Director
Malinda Mccullough
Managing Director
Natasha Franzen
Global Head of In-Store & Retail Relationships