Mashman Ventures

Mashman Ventures is a public relations firm that specializes in helping create, maintain, and scale unrivaled personal brands. A personal brand when leveraged can result in countless benefits such as more awareness, business, and opportunities; this is the reason the firm exists. Mashman Ventures' u... Read more



Private Equity




Org chart

Isaac Mashman
Founder & CEO
Eric Chow
Chief Consultant
Tristan T. Roberts
Head of Audio
Mitchel Hines
Lead Audio Producer
Dexter Washington
Head of Web Design
Ayaz Hussain
Edward Penna
Lead Logo Designer
Thomas Andrew
Audio Producer
Steve Thorpe
Lead Mental Health Advisor
Logan Mandeville
Lead Personal Trainer

Behind the scenes


Always chase after your vision.

There's a time and place for laughs and a time and place for professionalism.

Hold each other accountable and build one another up.

Have a result-oriented mentality.

Think outside of the box.

Act, learn, live, and think in abundance.

At the center of all achievement is personal growth.

Treat everyone you come in contact with both on and off of the team, with the utmost respect.

Operate with ethics, integrity, and morals.

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