Dhawal Kapadia

Director Of Software Engineering at MatrixCare

Dhawal Kapadia has extensive work experience in the software engineering and architecture field. Dhawal currently holds the position of Director of Software Engineering at MatrixCare. Prior to this, they worked at Walmart Global Tech as a Principal Technical Architect. In this role, they played a key role in technical decision-making.

Before joining Walmart, Dhawal worked at Allscripts for several years. Dhawal started as a Development Manager, where they were responsible for developing and sustaining platforms for the Sunrise suite of products. Dhawal also built and managed a team, implemented team processes, and designed a UI framework for multiple Sunrise applications.

Dhawal then transitioned to the role of Principal Architect, where they led architectural directions and provided guidance on Allscripts' flagship product, Sunrise Enterprise. Dhawal spearheaded the effort to rearchitect the solution to microservices and prepared for migration to the cloud.

Overall, Dhawal's work experience demonstrates their expertise in software engineering and architecture, with a focus on leading teams, driving technical decisions, and implementing innovative solutions.

Dhawal Kapadia completed a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree in Information Technology from Gujarat University, from 2000 to 2004. Dhawal also obtained a certification in "Leading in Uncertain Times" from LinkedIn in 2021.


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  • Director Of Software Engineering

    June, 2022 - present