Frédéric Banégas

CTO at Mauna Kea Technologies

Frédéric Banégas has more than 17 years experience in medical diagnostic imaging and surgical robotics.

Frédéric is an energetic technology & product developer with 17-year experience as an executive in the field of medical diagnostic imaging and surgical robotics for cancer treatment.

He co-founded Intrasense in 2003, a public medical device company specializing in diagnostic imaging, and developed, from scratch to market-ready, a surgical robotic platform at Quantum Surgical in less than four years.

Frédéric has managed international & multicultural R&D, Regulatory, Operations and Product teams throughout his career, in Europe, US, China & Japan, and he has published academic papers and patents as co-inventor. Frédéric holds a PhD in Computer Science from Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne and earned his MBA at Montpellier Business School.


  • CTO

    Current role