Ferrán Galindo

Co-founder at Miroculus

Ferrán Galindo has a long and varied work history. Ferrán has held a number of roles in a variety of companies since 2004. In 2004, they co-founded Cumulos Multimedia Agency as a Co-Founder/ Project Manager. From 2006 to 2007, they worked at City of Knowledge as Vice President of Organizational Systems and Manager of International Organizations and NGOs. In 2007, they co-founded Jungla Cartoons. In 2013, they co-founded Miroculus as Co-founder and COO and also became a Partner at Gestión Verde. In 2016, they became CIO Campo Orgánico at Campo Organico. In 2017, they became CEO of Total Credit Group. In 2019, they became Gerente de Tecnología at Grupo Panama Car Rental and Chief Technology Officer at Préztamos.com. Most recently, in 2020, they became Chief Executive Officer at Noctiluca.

Ferrán Galindo began their education in 1998, when they attended Berklee College of Music and earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Production & Engineering. In 2004, they attended Universidad de Puerto Rico, though no degree was earned. In 2006, they earned a Master's degree from Universidad Latina de Panamá in Marketing and Publicity with a focus on Creativity. Finally, in 2013, they attended Singularity University and graduated with a degree in Exponential Technologies and Global Grand Challenges.


Previous companies

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  • Co-founder

    August, 2013 - present

  • COO

    November, 2014

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