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Org chart

Jill Tiefenthaler

Shannon P. Bartlett
Chief DEI Officer
Crystal Brown
Chief Communications, Marketing & Brand officer
Kristi Craig
Chief Investment Officer
Mara Dell
Chief Human Resources Officer
Deborah R. Grayson
Chief Education Officer
Ian Miller
Chief Science & Innovation Officer
Alex Moen
Chief Explorer Engagement Officer
Jason Southern
Chief Technology & Information Officer
Darien Wright
Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Kara Ramirez Mullins
Chief Advancement Officer
Kim Waldron
Chief of Staff & Program Alignment
Emily Dunham
Chief Campus & Experiences Officer
Sumeet Seam
Chief Legal Officer
David E. Miller
EVP & GM, National Geographic Media Group
Brendan Hart
SVP, Consumer Analytics & Insights
Nicole Alexiev
VP, Science & Innovation
Tulani André
VP, Social Media
Geoffrey Gagnon
Executive Editor
Paul Martinez
Head of Creative
Soo-Jeong Kang
Head of Visuals
Betty Chu
Director, Digital & Social
Andrea Nasca
Director of Design
Ben Paynter
Editorial Features Director
Claire Manibog
Director, Interactive Storytelling
Christine Dell'Amore
Senior Editorial Manager
Alexa McMahon
Senior Editorial Manager, Integrated Storytelling
Nick Martin
Senior Editorial Manager, Integrated Storytelling
Sylvia Espinoza
Senior Editorial Manager, Research
Nancy san Martin
Senior Editor, Digital Content
Matt Chwastyk
Senior Manager, Cartography
Sean Philpotts
Production Manager
Michael G. Lappin
Production Manager
John Chow
Imaging Manager
Eugenia Johnson
Executive Assistant to the EVP & General Manager
Nicole Ursprunger
Executive Assistant to the Editor in Chief
Veda Shastri
Senior Producers, Video & Immersives
Lauren Levy
Senior Commerce Editor
Nishita Naga
Newsletter Producer
Alberto Lucas
Senior Artist
Helen Thompson
Senior Digital Editor
Rebecca Hale
Staff Photographer
Shweta Gulati
Producers, Video
Patricia Healy
Graphics Editor
Cameron Peters
Photo Editor
Setota Hailemariam
Digital Producer
Natalie Konopinski
Senior Editorial Manager, Newsstand Special Issues
Kwin Mosby
Senior Digital Editorial Manager, Travel
Tiara Beatty
History Editor
Rebecca Fudala
Photo Editor
Madison Tessler
Photo Coordinator
Ariana Pettis
Production Editor, International Editions
Melati Maupin
Photo Coordinator
Claire Caple
Photo Coordinator
Domonique Tolliver
Digital SEO Editor