Jakob Loven

Managing Partner at Nextech Invest

Jakob Loven, Ph.D., is a partner at Nextech Invest Ltd. An accomplished oncology-focused entrepreneur and life science venture capitalist, Jakob brings to Nextech his extensive experience in creating, launching and building early stage therapeutic-based platform biotechnology companies, including Relay Therapeutics and Syros Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: SYRS).

Today, Jakob serves as a board member of A2 Biotherapeutics, Vividion, Arrakis, Kronos (NASDAQ:KRON) and IconOVir. He is a former board member of Arvinas (NASDAQ: ARVN), and board observer of Kinnate (NASDAQ:KNTE), Turning Point Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TPTX) and Autolus (NASDAQ: AUTL).

Jakob earned his Ph.D. in medical sciences focused on oncology from Karolinska Institutet and earned his B.A. in biomedical sciences in the UK.


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