Lotte Zoëga


Lotte Zoëga began their work experience in 2002 as an Administrative Assistant at Retten i St. Heddinge. Lotte performed various administrative tasks and managed the court's finances.

In 2005, they joined Brdr. Christensen ApS as an Accountant, where they handled financial and debtor bookkeeping, as well as payroll and HR responsibilities. Lotte also managed monthly reporting and was responsible for various statutory filings.

Later, they became the Head of Accounting at Brdr. Christensen ApS, overseeing payroll and HR functions. Lotte also took on additional responsibilities such as monthly reporting, negotiations of collective agreements, and maintaining relationships with suppliers and creditors.

In 2015, Lotte joined Novenco Building and Industry as an Accountant. Here, they contributed to the establishment of a new finance department and handled financial and debtor bookkeeping. Lotte also streamlined processes, prepared monthly and annual financial statements, and ensured compliance with tax regulations.

In 2018, they advanced to the role of Head of Accounting at NOVENCO Building & Industry, where they continued their financial and debtor bookkeeping duties. Additionally, they took on leadership responsibilities, including managing daily operations, overseeing apprentices, and implementing process improvements. Lotte also handled financial controlling, liquidity management, and served as the primary contact for banks and auditors.

Lotte Zoëga's work experience demonstrates their expertise in accounting, financial management, process optimization, and leadership.

From 2010 to 2011, Lotte Zoëga attended Køge Business College, where they obtained a Merkonom degree. No specific field of study was mentioned.



  • Head Of Accounting

    October, 2018 - present