At New York-Presbyterian, they put patients first. It’s the kind of work that requires an unwavering commitment to excellence and a steady spirit of professionalism.





Org chart

Steven J. Corwin
President & CEO

Steven J. Corwin

Daniel J. Barchi
Group SVP & Chief Information Officer
Michael P. Breslin
Group SVP, CFO & Treasurer
Jennings R. Aske
SVP & Chief Information Security Officer
Rick Evans
SVP & Chief Experience Officer
Mary Beth Claus
Group SVP, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel
Kerry Sayres Dewitt
Chief of Staff to President & CEO, SVP, Communications & External Relations
Shaun Smith
Group SVP & Chief People & Culture Officer
Peter M. Fleischut
Group SVP & Chief Information & Transformation Officer
Sheila Kelly
SVP & Chief Development Officer
Devika Mathrani
SVP & Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Jyoti Rai
SVP & Chief Talent Officer
Anne Dinneen
SVP & Chief Investment Officer
Brian J. Noonan
SVP & Deputy Chief Legal Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian
Deepa Kumaraiah
SVP & Chief Medical Officer
Emme Deland
SVP, Strategy & Strategy Advisor to the Dalio Center for Health Justice
Karen Westervelt
Group SVP, Strategic Initiatives & Chief of Regulatory Planning
Joe Ienuso
Group SVP, Facilities & Real Estate
Mary Cassai
SVP for Perioperative Services
Paul J. Dunphey
SVP & COO, NYP Allen & the Ambulatory & Community Care Network
Paresh C. Shah
Group SVP & COO, NewYork-Presbyterian & Weill Cornell Division
Marie-Laure S. Romney
SVP & COO, NYP Lower Manhattan Hospital
Tiffany Sullivan
SVP & COO for NYP Physician Services
Colleen Koch
Group SVP & COO, NewYork-Presbyterian & Columbia Division
Philip J. Wilner
SVP & COO, NYP Westchester Behavioral Health Center
Wilhelmina M. Manzano
Group SVP & Chief Nursing Executive & COO for Perioperative Services, NewYork-Presbyterian
Augustine M.K. Choi
SVP & Senior Advisor for Strategic Planning to the President & CEO
Julia Iyasere
SVP for Health Justice & Equity & Executive Director of the NYP Dalio Center for Health Justice
Burak Malatyali
SVP, Enterprise Growth Strategy & Network Development
Susan Mascitelli
SVP, Patient Services & Liaison to the Board of Trustees for NewYork-Presbyterian
Stacey Petrower
President, NYP Hudson Valley
Juan Mejia
President, NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
Pierre F. Saldinger
SVP, Perioperative Services
Claudia Rosen
SVP, Financial Planning