Trond Erik Bråthen

Financial Director at Ontrack

Trond Erik Bråthen has a diverse range of work experience spanning different industries and roles. Trond Erik started their career as an Økonomikonsulent/Controller at Hydro Aluminium Profiler a.s., where they were involved in an ERP implementation process and performed various finance and accounting tasks. Trond Erik then joined TI Automotive AS as a Financial Manager, responsible for budgeting, reporting, and continuous improvement processes. Trond later worked as an Økonomisjef at Sykehuset Innlandet, where they led a project to improve cooperation within the hospital but faced challenges due to lack of support. Trond Erik then served as the Financial Manager at Hydro Aluminium Fundo AB, overseeing financial, IT, and HR functions.

Trond's experience also includes serving as the Chairman of the Board at Kongsvinger IL Håndball, where they successfully improved the club's financial situation and increased the number of players, coaches, and referees. Trond Erik then worked as the Financial Director at Ibas Ontrack AS for the Nordic Region and Holland, handling budgeting, reporting, accounting, IT, and HR. Trond played a significant role in implementing Visma Business software in multiple countries.

Currently, Trond is a Financial Services Consultant at Profectus, offering financial support and services to small and mid-sized companies. Trond Erik is also a Board Member at Zynkron AS, contributing to the growth of the accounting company.

Trond Erik Bråthen pursued their education in a diligent and well-structured manner. Trond Erik began their academic journey in 1988 at BI Norwegian Business School, where they obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. During their time there, they focused on developing their knowledge in various disciplines such as accounting, tax and information systems, and marketing.

Seeking further expertise in management, Trond Erik Bråthen enrolled at the Norwegian School of Management in 1995. Trond Erik dedicated over a decade to their studies, concluding in 2006 when they earned a Master of Management degree. Throughout their time at the Norwegian School of Management, they concentrated on the fields of project management and strategic management.

Trond Erik Bråthen's educational background, spanning from 1988 to 2006, showcases their commitment to acquiring a versatile skill set in both business administration and management.



  • Financial Director

    June, 2007 - present