Yasuyuki Higuchi

CEO, Connected Solutions Company at Panasonic

Yasuyuki Higuchi is the current CEO of Connected Solutions Company at Panasonic. Yasuyuki has been with Panasonic since 1996, starting as a manager at the Personal Computer Company. In 2001, they moved to the IT Products Division as a product planner. In 2002, they were promoted to senior product manager, a position they held until 2017 when they were made CEO.

Yasuyuki Higuchi studied acoustic design at the Kyushu Institute of Design and earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in the field.

They are on a team with Masaharu Michiura - CEO, Life Solutions Company, Yoshiyuki Miyabe - Senior Managing Executive Officer (CTO,CMO, CQO,CPO & CIO) , and Hirokazu Umeda - CFO. and Tatsuo Katakura - SVP Connected Solutions Company reports to Yasuyuki Higuchi. Their manager is Yuki Kusumi, Chief Executive Officer.


  • CEO, Connected Solutions Company

    Current role

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