Casper Nielsen Christiansen

CFO at Penneo

Casper Christiansen is the current CFO at Penneo, and has been in the role since December of 2015. Prior to their work at Penneo, Christiansen served as the CFO at SpotOn Marketing from December 2015 to November 2018. During their time at SpotOn, Christiansen was responsible for the professionalization and automation of the company's financial department and financial processes, acting as a strategic partner for the company's CEO, and drafting of legal documents like contracts, terms of business, and GDPR. Casper also oversaw personnel responsibility and recruitment and was responsible for building data for the pitch deck, information memorandum, due diligence, and closing.

Christiansen began their career in 2004 as an Erhvervsrådgiver at Max Bank. Casper then moved to Jyske Bank in 2007, where they worked as an Erhvervsrådgiver in the Internationalt Erhverv department until 2015.

Casper Nielsen Christiansen holds a Kandidatgrad from Copenhagen Business School, a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School, and an AU from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College. Casper also holds a Finansuddannelsen from Handelsskolen Sjælland Syd and an HH from Handelsskolen Sjælland Syd. Finally, they attended Brøderup Ungdomsskole and Lille Næstved Skole.

and Mads Berlin Jensen - Junior Project Manager reports to Casper Nielsen Christiansen. They are on a team with André Clement - Chief Commercial Officer, Mikkel Clausen - Head of People & Culture, and Jan Flora - CTO. Casper Nielsen Christiansen reports to Christian Stendevad, CEO.



  • CFO

    December, 2018 - present

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