Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration

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Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration is experts in fire and water/flooding restoration as well as viral disinfection and environmental remediation.





Org chart

Tony Scott

Elaine Dimakos
Chief Marketing Officer
Jamie Madill
Director, Sustainability
TJ Scott
Senior Project Manager
Brett Ogasawara
Senior Project Manager
Jason Ryshak
Senior Project Manager
Sarah Ross
Senior Project Manager
Denisse Gonzalez
Project Manager
Scott Tolman
Project Manager
Terry Wang
Project Manager
Matthias Loewen
Project Manager
Ryan Miller
Project Manager
Grace Lee
People & Operations Manager
Vickie Yu
Payroll & Benefits Manager
Rod Turick
Cabinet Shop Manager
Jason Nyrhinen
Construction Manager
Cyro Rodrigues
Contents Manager
Brodie Sandusky
Facility Manager
Thomas Zass
Junior Project Manager