Dean Underwood

IT Director at Poundland & Dealz

Dean Underwood has a strong work experience in the IT industry, with their most recent role being the Head of IT Services at Poundland & Dealz. Prior to that, they served as the Director of IT Services at Sophos, where they were responsible for the delivery and transformation of IT Services globally. Dean also held positions at Virgin Trains, where they served as the Head of Information Technology Services and the Service Transition Manager. Before that, they worked at KPMG UK as an ITSM Application Manager and at Charles Schwab as a Server Hardware Engineer. Dean began their career in the Ministry of Defense, serving in the Army. Throughout their career, Dean has demonstrated expertise in managing technology environments, implementing process automation, delivering service transformations, and leveraging emerging technologies to drive operational value and customer experience.

Dean Underwood attended Sandfields Comprehensive from 1987 to 1992. However, there is no information available regarding any degree or field of study obtained during this period. In terms of additional certifications, Dean obtained the EU General Data Protection Regulation Foundation from IBITGQ in February 2018. Dean also obtained certifications in ITIL Intermediate Service Operation and ITILv3 Foundation from ITIL Certified, but the specific month and year of their completion are unknown.


Previous companies

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  • IT Director

    December 1, 2023 - present

  • Head Of IT Services

    October, 2021