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Premier Research is not about being everything to everyone. Instead, their deep, focused expertise targets the therapeutic areas and indications where today’s biotech and specialty pharma pioneers are doing the most amazing work. They are 1,500 employees strong and operate in more than 20 countries,... Read more






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John Ratliff

Tom Perkins
SVP, Corporate Development
Krista Armstrong
SVP, Clinical Operations
Stacy Weil
SVP, Clinical Data Operations
Michael King Jolly
SVP, Strategic Development
Angi Robinson
SVP, Specialty Areas
Betsy Reid
SVP, Pediatrics
Sandra Bihary-Waltz
SVP, Regulatory Affairs
Robb Lawrence
SVP, Commercial Strategy, Premier Consulting
Abie Ekangaki
VP, Statistical Consulting
Scott Millard
VP, Analgesia
Elaina Haeuber
SVP, Oncology
Victoria Watts
VP, Privacy & Global Data Protection Officer
Clint Dart
VP, Biostatistics & Programming
Rupa Doshi
VP, Oncology Strategy
Kenneth Ndugga-Kabuye
VP, Cell & Gene Therapy
Greg Meyer
VP, Regulatory Affairs
Olu Aloba
VP, CMC Services
William Salminen
VP, Nonclinical Safety & Toxicology
Sonja Vanwye
Executive Director, Program Delivery, Dermatology
Daniel Zamfir
Executive Director, Program Strategy, Cell & Gene Therapy
Janet Kube
Executive Director, Program Delivery
Ashley Herrick
Executive Director, Oncology Program Strategy
Jessica Merryfield
Executive Director, Cell & Gene Therapy
Adam Bloomfield
Executive Director, Medical Affairs, Rare Diseases & Pediatrics
Adam Simmons
Executive Director, Clinical Program Strategy
Charlie Chrisawn
Senior Program Director, Diagnostics
Marshika Keith-Vickers
Senior Program Director, Women’s Health
Michael Mueller
Senior Program Director, Women’s Oncology
Willette Jones Whitmore
Senior Director, Quality Assurance & Compliance
Michael Edwards
Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, MedTech, Premier Consulting
Heidi Boehm
Senior Director, Program Delivery, MedTech
Frank Keulen
Director, Program Delivery, MedTech
Caroline Perez
Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs
John Thomas
Director, Program Delivery, MedTech
Maureen MacDonald
Senior Project Manager -irt