Kwaku L.C. Woods

Chief Operations Officer at Prometheus Laboratories Inc.

Kwaku L.C. Woods has a diverse range of work experience. Kwaku L.C. has been the Chief Executive Officer of Prometheus Reborn Universal Foundation since 2021. Prior to this, they were the Personal Development Coordinator for Coach Sam Rutigliano's Aiming Higher Program starting in 2016. In 2009, they served as the Alternative Health Editor and CEO of African American Lifestyle Magazine. From 2004, they held the position of Vice President of Edutainment at Global Entertainment, where they oversaw the development of educational themes and critiqued artist material. Kwaku L.C. also has experience as the Chief Operations Officer and Vice President for Operations at Prometheus of Ohio Inc., where they were responsible for various aspects such as curriculum, marketing, promotions, staffing, and training. Additionally, they were the Medical Director of, a Trivalent fitness company, from 2011 to 2017. Prior to this, they served as the Medical Director at Sicily Island Medical Center and Intercounty Health Inc. Kwaku L.C. Woods has a strong background in leadership and a focus on personal development and health.

Kwaku L.C. Woods RN M.D. MetD1 attended the St Louis Municiple School of Nursing from 1970 to 1973, where they obtained an RN degree in nursing. Kwaku L.C. then pursued further education at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine from 1977 to 1981, earning an M.D. degree with a focus on Primary Care. Prior to their nursing and medical studies, they also attended the NYC High School of Performing Arts, where they obtained an Associate of Arts - AA degree in Music Theory and Composition. In addition to their formal education, Woods obtained several certifications in various fields. In 2009, they achieved certifications in Hands-On Spirituality from the Akan Spiritual United Order and Abrafo (Master of Life/Death) from the Nana Asuo Gbye Shrine in Larte, Ghana. In 2006, they earned the certification of Master Teacher (Baba) from Prometheus Reborn (Trivalent Understanding). In 2003, they obtained an Alternative Educator License from the State of Ohio, and in 2002, they acquired the certification of Akan Rites of Passages from the Ashe Cultural Center. It is worth noting that there is no information available regarding their Akan Spiritual Induction certification.



  • Chief Operations Officer

    June, 1998 - present

  • Vice President For Operations

    July, 1995

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