Alison McConnell

CMO at Publicis Health Media

Alison McConnell is the Chief Marketing Officer at Publicis Health Media. Alison has over ten years of experience in the media industry, and has worked with some of the largest pharmaceutical media buying companies in the country.

Alison started their career as a media supervisor at Digitas Health LifeBrands, where they were responsible for the coordination and execution of medical reprints, professional print, online, and targeted media advertising. During their time at Digitas, Alison managed a portfolio of 40 million dollars in professional print media advertising. Alison also trained staff in all aspects of media operations, including rate changes, rate card entry, new personnel, and Compas University.

In 2010, Alison was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer at Publicis Health Media. In this role, they are responsible for leading the company’s marketing efforts and overseeing all marketing initiatives. Alison has extensive experience in the media industry, and their knowledge of the inner workings of the industry has helped Publicis Health Media to become one of the leading health media companies in the country.

They work with Ray Rosti - CDO, Jason Patterson - Business Intelligence Lead, and Brian Geist - Philadelphia Office Lead. Alison McConnell reports to Andrea Palmer, President.


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