Andrea Vas

Assistant Building Science Specialist at QEA Tech

Andrea Vas has been working in the field of building science since 2022, when they began as an Assistant Building Science Specialist at QEA Tech. In this role, they have utilized thermographic imaging and devices to assess components of and provide consulting for energy efficiency, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and HVAC systems. Andrea has also sought to improve how buildings are constructed and maintained to ensure long building life, improve building performance throughout the expected service life to promote sustainability and energy efficiency. Prior to this role, Andrea was a Student Ambassador at the University of Toronto from 2018-2019. During this time, they also held a role as a Research Assistant at the Health, Emotion and Behaviour Lab, where they recorded data and maintained source documentation, conducted research to generate environmental scan reports, and prepared written reports, graphs, fact sheets, and tables.

Andrea Vas received their Honours Bachelor of Science in Environment and Health from the University of Toronto in 2022. In addition, they obtained certifications in Sustainable Development from the University of Toronto in September of 2022, Level I: Certified Thermographer from the Infrared Training Center in September of 2022, and Working at Heights from Worksite Safety in November of 2022.



  • Assistant Building Science Specialist

    May, 2022 - present

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