Kirill Rachenkov

Development Team Lead at Qoden Technologies

Kirill Rachenkov has a diverse work experience in the field of technology and software development. Kirill currently works at Qoden Technologies as a Development Team Lead. Prior to that, Kirill worked at MotorPage Digital Media as an SMB Chief Technology Officer, where they played a key role in making the digital media profitable within just six months. Kirill also restructured the website and implemented technical SEO, resulting in the website achieving top rankings for over 5,000 search queries.

Kirill also served as a Startup Chief Technology Officer / Team Lead at, where they successfully organized the low-cost development of the website and made it profitable through efficient management and implementation of technical SEO.

Earlier in their career, Kirill worked as a Software Architect at Bambino Mio Russia (ex. Sweet Dreams), implementing IT-driven approaches in textile production. Kirill also held the position of Startup Chief Technology Officer at Discovery-Russia.Ru, where they strategized and differentiated the website from the print media, and made it profitable through low maintenance costs.

Before that, Kirill gained experience as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at Ingenios LLC, where they brought multiple websites to the top of SERPs and developed automation software for online promotion. Kirill also worked as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist / Senior Software Developer at LinkMaster / SEOMachines, developing SEO software that received positive reviews from the community.

Kirill began their career as a Student Intern at WINPHARMA EVERYS, where they developed software for translating medical PDF files and post-processing structured data in databases.

Overall, Kirill Rachenkov has demonstrated expertise in development team leadership, technical SEO, profitability optimization, and IT-driven approaches in various industries.

Kirill Rachenkov obtained their Master's degree in Information Technology from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Kirill pursued this degree from 2005 to 2011.



  • Development Team Lead

    February, 2022 - present

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