Dhruv Khandelwal

Senior control systems engineer at Quatt

Dhruv Khandelwal has a diverse and extensive work experience spanning various roles and industries. Dhruv is currently working as a Senior Control Systems Engineer at Quatt since May 2022. Prior to this, they worked as a Data Analytics Engineer at VDL ETG Technology & Development B.V. from July 2020 to April 2022, where they developed digital twin competence for predictive maintenance and contributed to data science competence by developing new data pipelines, a dashboarding tool, and performing data-based investigations.

Before VDL ETG, Dhruv worked at Eindhoven University of Technology. During their time there from January 2016 to February 2020, they served as a PhD Researcher, focusing on automating data-driven modeling of dynamical systems. Dhruv developed a methodology that minimizes user intervention while providing trade-off information. Additionally, they worked as a Teaching Assistant, supervising students in integration projects, and as a Co-supervisor, overseeing MSc and BSc projects.

Prior to their academic roles, Dhruv had industry experience as a Graduate Research Intern at Océ - A Canon Company, where they developed a novel fault diagnosis technique for inkjet print-heads. Dhruv also worked as an Intern at ASML and Océ - A Canon Company.

Early in their career, Dhruv gained experience as an Electronic Engineer at University Racing Eindhoven, where they designed and implemented the Smart Display system in a vehicle. Dhruv also served as the Electrical Engineer and head of the electrical division at Team Ojas, responsible for designing and assembling high voltage components and safety systems for a vehicle. Additionally, they interned at CESC, working in the Power Control department.

Overall, Dhruv Khandelwal has a strong background in control systems engineering, data analytics, research, and practical implementation, with a focus on automation and optimization.

Dhruv Khandelwal completed their Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, where they studied from 2009 to 2013. Dhruv then pursued a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Control Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology from 2013 to 2015. Following that, they enrolled at the Eindhoven University of Technology again for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Control Systems, which they completed from 2016 to 2020. In addition to their formal education, Dhruv obtained several certifications, including a DISC course certificate from the Dutch Institute of Systems and Control in March 2019. Dhruv also participated in the Summer School on "Machine Learning for Control" in June 2018, organized by the same institution. Furthermore, in April 2016, Dhruv took part in the 2016 EECI International Graduate School on Control, which was a course offered by the European Embedded Control Institute.


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