RAND Corporation


RAND Corporation is a non-profit organization that provides objective research and public policy analysis services.





Org chart

Jason Matheny
President & CEO

Jason Matheny

Hans Pung
President, RAND Europe
Mike Januzik
VP & Chief Financial Officer
Michael Weitzenfeld
VP & Chief Information Officer
Rekha Chiruvolu
Executive Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer
Jennifer Gould
VP & Chief of Staff
Andrew R. Hoehn
SVP, Research & Analysis
Eric Peltz
SVP, Finance & Operations
Robert M. Case
VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Brandon Baker
VP, Development
Winfield A. Boerckel
VP, External Affairs
Krishna B. Kumar
VP, International
Melissa Rowe
VP, Global Research Talent
Nancy Staudt
VP, Innovation
Anita Chandra
VP & Director, RAND Social & Economic Well-Being
James S. Chow
VP & Director, RAND Project AIR FORCE
Peter S. Hussey
VP & Director, RAND Health Care
V. Darleen Opfer
VP & Director, RAND Education & Labor
Barry Pavel
VP & Director, RAND National Security Research Division
K. Jack Riley
VP & Director, RAND Homeland Security Research Division
Sally Sleeper
VP & Director, RAND Arroyo Center (RAND Army Research Division)
Andrew Dowse
Director, RAND Australia
Lester L. Arnold Sr.
VP, Human Resources
Michele Colon
VP, Workplace Services & Real Estate