Kate Reimer

VP, Technology at Redaptive

Kate Reimer is the current VP of Technology at Redaptive. Prior to joining Redaptive, Kate served as the Director of Software Product Management at Sunrun, leading the development of a new software platform to manage Sunrun's residential solar & battery fleet. Before their time at Sunrun, Kate was Head of Product at Advanced Microgrid Solutions, where they played various roles in product management and engineering leadership. Kate started their career in the software industry as a Product Manager at AutoGrid Systems. Throughout their career, Kate has excelled in communicating requirements internally and externally, product demos, and delivering customer training. Her experience with various M2M protocols (OpenADR 2.0, SEP2.0, SSN suite, Schneider) has been instrumental in their success in managing and developing software platforms.

Kate Reimer has a BA in Economics from University of California, Berkeley, and an MS in Engineering from Stanford University.

Aaron Mellinger - Senior Manager of Engineering & Data Science, Ambar Bokare - Senior Manager, Software report to Kate Reimer. Their manager is Arvin Vohra, CEO. They are on a team with Liane Dietrich - SVP, Portfolio Programs, John Schinter - SVP, Strategic Accounts, and Rob Hornish - Chief Sales Officer.


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