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Rocket.Chat is the world’s largest open-source communication platform, trusted by 12M+ users in 150 countries. A flexible and transparent hub that allows companies to centralize communication and customer support in a single place, boosting team productivity.



  • Dream

    We get out of our comfort zone and take risks because we dream. Our dreams take us to high goals and the fear of failure doesn’t stop us from trying because we have the passion to go beyond the status quo. We always dream of finding better ways, not only different.

  • Own

    We hope to find those better ways because of our ownership, because we own. We own the problems that appear and feel empowered to take initiative to solve them, testing and adapting. We own our responsibilities, and if we say it we do it, constantly trying to go the extra mile to exceed expectations. We wear this ownership everyday, represented by the t-shirts we so proudly wear in every possible color.

  • Trust

    We are so proud of what we do, wear it, talk about it, because we trust. We trust what we’re creating, we trust the purpose of what we do, and we trust each other. That is what gives us the freedom to innovate, to create our own schedules, to have the remote work as part of who we are as Rocket.Chat. The flexibility and balance we achieve by trusting is what makes our environment one of enjoyment, is what makes us feel pleasure in doing what we do.

  • Share

    We trust, believe and enjoy what we do because we share. We share the good and the bad because we’re united by a common belief. We team up to solve problems, meet clients, create solutions, celebrate birthdays or our yearly Summit. Most importantly, we share because that is the essence of who we are. We’re open, and built by our community, so more than just sharing, it is about empowering and loving the community and who’s beside us, making this all happen.

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Gabriel Engel
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder
Rodrigo Krummenauer Nascimento
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Co-Founder
Sing Li
Chief Opportunities Officer (COppO)
Bruno Weiblen
General Manager
Christopher Skelly
VP of Product
Tatiana Cirio
VP of People

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Team announcement

Get to Know Rocket.Chat's People & Culture Lead: Laura Coutinho

Get to Know Rocket.Chat's People & Culture Lead: Laura Coutinho

Laura Coutinho never thought she’d end up working in people and culture. Laura actually started out working in biotechnology, but a unique set of circumstances have seen her now playing an important role in the HR team at open-source communication platform Rocket.Chat. Laura started studying biotech because she wanted to do something diverse. She did well on the course, where she’d done a range of internships in different biotech-related fields. At the same time, she’d done a junior enterprise, which gave her a glimpse of a career working in the people sector. She was a little shocked to realize that the core of her biotech work wasn’t actually what appealed most to her, and the people side of things excited her most. “I had to make a choice at the end of the course, like where I wanted to work. I was like, ‘What the hell am I doing? And what the hell am I gonna do after I graduate?’ I didn't want to go for a Master's. That was the obvious route for people in my course, but it just didn’t feel like it was for me. After the struggle of figuring out what she wanted to do, Laura’s next challenge was figuring out how to approach getting a job in a field she hadn’t formally studied. She credits an influential friend for encouraging her to put herself out there. “He told me, ‘You just have to lose the shame. Go be shameless and talk to people on LinkedIn.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I'm going to put all of my shame aside for two minutes and send five messages.’ I remember seeing Rochet.Chat on LinkedIn and they seemed amazing. “I found a job description that totally fitted with what I wanted to do. It was kind of a general position for the people team, so I decided to send a message to the head of people and ask him to talk over a coffee. He said yes, which was a crazy surprise, and I ended up joining the company in November 2019.” Laura had to hit the ground running, with a team of around 30 staff and a role that required her to get involved in a few different areas of the business. She remembers being trusted with putting together an agenda for three days of their company-wide annual summit. “This was basically my first and biggest challenge, to help build the company summit. I had to put this agenda together for the first three days, where we had to do all these things - talk about culture, we had to do some team building, and I was like, ‘Okay, let's do this.’ It was really overwhelming, but also so fun.” There’s been no looking back for Laura since then. She likes to call herself a People & Culture analyst, meaning she does a lot of different things to develop the company culture for her colleagues. Not having formally studied HR before making it her career certainly hasn’t inhibited her ability to make Rocket.Chat a good place to work. When she’s not focusing on doing that, Laura makes a real effort to disconnect from her work. She values her own time, which she likes to spend walking her dog or watching movies. She also wants to be able to travel and meet new places the first opportunity she gets. Rocket.Chat is growing their team, check out openings here!

Team announcement

Meet Rocket.Chat's Senior Account Executive, Murilo Brognara

Meet Rocket.Chat's Senior Account Executive, Murilo Brognara

Long time IBM veteran Murilo Brognara is making himself comfortable in the unknown after joining the world’s largest open-source communication platform. Murilo came to Rocket.Chat at the end of 2020 having served in software, sales and client roles at IBM for more than 14 years. “I was in my comfort zone, and I knew almost everything about everything. But when I arrived at Rocket.Chat, there was so much knowledge to catch up, especially related to our development stack. I'm really interested in learning more and more about technology, so this change has allowed me to do that in a way that I haven’t been able to for some time.” Were it not for a business decision at IBM, Murilo may still be there. The company acquired Red Hat in a record $34 billion purchase in 2018, which piqued his interest. “Red Hat was a company that was invoicing around $2 billion a year, and IBM purchased it for $34 billion. I started to make calculations and realised it would be a payback of 20 years, which didn’t seem to be a very good deal. But I was only thinking about the economic aspects of the purchase. “IBM had realized that open source was its future, and explained how good the model was. I’ve always liked having something to study, so I dedicated myself to learning about it, to the point where I convinced myself to resign from IBM and join a true open source company, which was Rocket.Chat.” Soon after, Murilo joined Rocket.Chat as its MSPs/ISVs account executive. He says making the decision to join Rocket.Chat was actually quite straightforward because the company aligned with a lot of his own values. “Everything I read about Rocket.Chat, its motivations and history, really convinced me it was a good move. Growing up, we were always motivated to tell the truth, and this transparency value is very much aligned to Rocket.Chat’s values of sharing and trusting.” Murilo lives in São Paulo, Brazil, with his wife and 21-year-old son. He says they have a close family, including him being godfather to one of his nephews, and that closeness has become quite literal throughout the COVID pandemic. “My home office is set on the balcony, my wife’s office is in our bedroom, and my son is in his room. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was all of us together in one room and we were all interfering with each other’s meetings. It’s better now, but we’re looking for a larger apartment!” Murilo is used to being active outside, which is another thing that’s changed with the pandemic. He’s now learning French with his wife and has taken up painting and board games to relax. He’s an avid traveler and is counting down to being able to explore more of Europe. Murilo is 6'2", and says his height used to mean he didn’t like flying, but he recently discovered the perks of getting an upgrade to a more spacious seat. “You're sitting in this cramped area and your legs are in the back of the person in front of you. I’d go to sleep and turn a little bit so my knee goes to the aisle, and it gets hit by the cart coming down. I can’t be at the window either because there isn’t enough space to move!” Rocket.Chat is currently hiring. Join the team!