Danielle Barrios-O’Neill

Head of Programme at Royal College of Art

Danielle's teaching and research centres on the value of arts, particularly multiplatform storytelling, for social and economic benefit.

Danielle joined the RCA from Falmouth University, where she has held the position of Course Leader and Research Programme Lead. She specialises in post-disciplinary arts, with particular focus on environmental systems, multiplatform narrative and serious play. Alongside a portfolio of published research in critical postdisciplinary informatics, she develops curricula at the intersection of creative and pragmatic complex problem-solving, founded on principles of human-centred design and systems thinking, and prioritising skills needed for navigating uncertain futures.

Danielle’s ambitions are centred on the fundamental role that art and design education and post-disciplinary models of learning can play in investigating and influencing future societal shifts. Her research interests in critical and cultural perspectives in relation to world challenges speak to the importance of our role as creative practitioners and researchers. Her work is motivated by a belief that we can meet social challenges by generating unconventional experiences that help us continually redefine value. In Information Experience Design, this is about developing meaningful, humane solutions to complex real-world problems.



  • Head of Programme

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