Reese Gomez

CEO/Founder at SalesSparx LLC

Reese Gomez is the Founder and CEO of SaleSparx LLC, a software and technology consultant, and serial entrepreneur. His company, SalesSparx, LCC, is an international sales acceleration company that empowers high-potential companies to become market leaders by helping them sell more, faster. Merging his industrial engineering and performance improvement background with decades of high-growth sales experience, Reese applies a unique perspective to scale sales and revenue predictably.

Before founding SalesSparx, Reese helped to propel several successful healthcare software and service companies to rapid growth. Reese served as Vice President of Service Sales for Eclipsys, taking responsibility for all service revenue and leading the team to grow the professional service business from $45M in 2003 to $120M in 2006. Their offerings included clinical adoption, clinical transformation, software implementation, and system integration. Some major wins included a $100M contract at a major MidAtlantic academic medical center, $70M at a large medical Midwest health system, and $75M at major SouthWest health system.

Later, from his position as Executive Vice President of Solutions and Innovations at maxIT Healthcare, Reese oversaw sales, delivery, business development, packaging, and go-to-market planning. As part of the company’s executive leadership, he helped drive overall revenue growth from $50M in 2009 to $250M in 2012 and his managment consulting team grew from $0 to $60M over the same three-year period..

In 2014, Reese and his team launched SalesSparx, which is founded on over 10,000 hours of best sales practice research to determine why some companies grow faster than others. They combined these learnings and their extensive market experience to develop their proprietary Sales FUSE™ (Focus, Unite, Sell, Expand) GTM Acceleration Process. Using the FUSE method, SalesSparx converts the sales process from selling to buyers to selling with them. The team applies design thinking to ideate solutions in their proprietary Shared Vision Selling (SVS) Process. This collaborative process empowers buyers to take ownership of the Shared Vision of their future. This unique, integrated set of offerings can increase sales at business-to-business companies from 10% to 100% in 6 to 12 months. Since 2014, SalesSparx has helped more than 100 healthcare solution companies sell more, faster.

Reese has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.



  • CEO/Founder

    August, 2014 - present

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