Scottish Prison Service


The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government and was first established in April 1993. Our Framework Document sets out the policy and resources framework set by Scottish Ministers within which the SPS operates. As an Executive Agency, the SPS is funded by the Sc... Read more





Teresa Medhurst
Chief Executive

Teresa Medhurst

Allister Purdie
Interim Director of Operations
Sue Brookes
Interim Director of Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement
Adam Jobson
Interim Director of Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement
David Wilkie
Head Of Estates & Technical Services
Jocelyn Hinds
Head Of Data And Analysis
Rob Strachan
Divisional Head Of Strategy, Planning And Partnerships
Craig MacNicol
Head Of Training Delivery. Risk Management. Desistance. Officer Development
Louise McLean
Head Of Workforce Planning
Sam Ferriday
Head Of Workforce Development
Kate Skibtschak
Head Of Equality Diversity And Inclusion
Melanie Anderson McIpd
Head Of Human Resources Operations
Rachel Parker (MCIPD)
Head Of HR Central Services
Kerry Payne
Head Of Residential
Gordon Roy
Head Of Private Contract Operations
Ian Whitehead
Divisional Head Of Operations
Michael Beardmore
Head Of Strategic Planning
Scott Sidwell Bsc
Head Of Health And Safety
Charles Saliba
Head Of Asset Management
Gareth Rose
Head Of Communications
Greig Knox
Head Of Risk
Kathleen McDermott
Policy Manager (operations Directorate)
Kenneth MacLeod
Operations First Line Manager
Scott Murray
Contract Monitor
Tammy Gracie Paterson
Senior Procurement Specialist