Ellen Angel

Scheduling Manager at SECURATEX

Ellen entered the Security Industry when she joined Securatex. She has more than 28 years experience in human resource management. Ellen started as a Call Center Coordinator and was promoted to Scheduler/Payroll 6 months later. One year later Ellen became the Illinois Regional HR Specialist due to her ability to recruit, train and communicate with Security personnel. Most recently, Ellen took on the role of HR Manager for Corporate and the Illinois Region.

Previous to Securatex, Ellen was an HR Manager for JC Penney for 21 years. She started with JC Penney as a sales associate and worked her way up the retail environment. Once Ellen became HR Manager she had the highest level of employee retention in the Chicago Market. She understands the importance of quality recruiting, employee training and retention. She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Management.


  • Scheduling Manager

    Current role