Joseph Bingold

CEO at Senaptec

Joe Bingold strives to help others improve and personally thrives in the midst of challenges. As one of Senaptec’s founders, Joe is the President and CEO. Joe earned a triple major from MIT while also serving in Navy ROTC. After graduation, he was commissioned as a US Navy officer and served for eight years at the headquarters of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, learning the rigors of design excellence. He simultaneously earned an engineering master's from the Naval Postgraduate School and rose to be a director for nuclear instrumentation and control systems. Following military service, Joe attended Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, where he helped found Blue River Technologies, an agricultural tech company. He worked for 5 years for Danaher corporation at Tektronix, where he received valuable lessons in operational excellence. He is currently on the board of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). Joe helped start Senaptec because he believes that the visual system provides the greatest opportunity to improve human health and performance. He is excited about developing technology to help people of all types to improve their lives.


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