Devin Schumacher

Founder at SERP

Devin Schumacher (born 10 June 1987 in Glendale, CA) is an American entrepreneur, internet personality, author, actor, music producer, podcaster, teacher, hacker, philanthropist.

He is the founder of SERP, the parent company for a variety of brands that operate in the technology sector, specifically within digital marketing, media, software development, artificial intelligence and education; and is widely considered to be the world's best SEO & grumpy cat impersonator.


Work style

How I prefer to work



Mostly on my own

Qualities I value in my colleagues

  • Ownership
  • sense of humor
  • work ethic
  • adaptability
  • loyalty

My communication style

  • Casual
  • open
  • curious
  • transparent


  • Founder

    Current role

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