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Shourav Sen
Vice President: Strategic Insights & Analytics

Behind the scenes



Fun at work is when we are accountable for what we do, when we are passionate and motivated about our work, exchanging perspectives, and co-creating enduring value for our clients and ourselves. We believe that having fun forges openness and free flow among teams, building a culture of wholesome purposefulness and collaboration. To love what we do and have fun while we're doing it – that's the SGA way.

Collaborating and Co-creating

We strongly believe in building enduring value for ourselves, our clients, and our society. We believe that our pursuit for excellence is enabled manifold when we work together with our leaders and team members – openly communicating our goals and accountabilities – ideating, sharing, and collaborating. To excel for us is to excel together – co-creating all the way is the SGA way.


At SGA we believe leadership is empowerment. There is a subtle, positive shift of power, an act of unfettering, when a leader makes space for their team to grow. Leadership is enablement, the ability to facilitate growth, enterprise, and creativity; foster seamless collaboration and co-creation, resulting in a flow of ease, joy, and grace. That’s leadership for us, a fundamental value, a core philosophy.


We believe in holding ourselves to the highest standards of trust, excellence, and dependability. Accountability in owning our work and being proud of it. Accountability in showing up and being determined to accomplish the work that we have set out to do. Accountability, in taking personal responsibility for our work. Accountability in forging trust and transparency within our teams; being able to count on others and be dependable ourselves.