Hemant Inamdar

Chief Revenue Officer at Sigma Infosolutions

Hemant Inamdar has a diverse work experience spanning various roles in the technology and digital media industry. Hemant is currently serving as the Chief Revenue Officer at LendFoundry, where they oversee the full stack digital lending platform for lenders. Prior to this, Hemant was also the Chief Revenue Officer at Sigma Infosolutions Ltd.

Hemant has also been involved in co-founding and leading startups. Hemant was the Co-Founder of CaliStack, a platform for digital content/media publishing companies, where they focused on easing content workflow and improving website performance. Hemant also served as the Co-Founder and CTO at Troosk, where they developed an innovative kiosk platform for delivering fast and automated personal loans in retail locations.

Before their entrepreneurial ventures, Hemant held key positions at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, where they served as the Sr Vice President for Digital, Americas, and later as the Chief Operating Officer of India.com. Hemant was also the Head of Business and Client Services at LendFoundry, where they gained valuable experience in the digital lending industry.

In addition, Hemant has held leadership roles at Network18 Media & Investments Ltd., Zee Digital, and India.com, where they contributed to the growth and development of their digital platforms.

Earlier in their career, Hemant worked at Air2Web and Gupshup as a Director of Engineering, where they demonstrated their technical expertise.

Overall, Hemant Inamdar has a wealth of experience in technology, digital media, and entrepreneurship, making him a versatile and valuable professional in the industry.

Hemant Inamdar received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from VESIT between 1991 and 1995.


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  • Chief Revenue Officer

    May, 2023 - present