Niran Avni

Chief Operating Officer at smoodi

Niran Avni has a diverse work experience spanning over several industries. They most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer of smoodi, a company that focuses on making fresh and healthy products easily accessible. In this role, Avni was responsible for overseeing production, logistics, and supply chain functions, as well as implementing systems and processes to drive growth and profitability.

Prior to smoodi, Avni worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Cream&Honey Co., a food technology startup. They led the marketing of Froffee, a frozen coffee beverage, and managed a team of over 20 employees. Under Avni's leadership, Froffee achieved significant sales growth and expanded its retail distribution network.

Before their role at Cream&Honey Co., Avni served as the Chief Operating Officer of the same company. During this time, they implemented a successful marketing strategy that led to substantial revenue and customer growth. Avni also focused on customer segmentation, communication channels expansion, and marketing technology enablement to improve customer lifetime value.

Prior to their experience in the food industry, Avni worked as the Israel Program Director at Hillel of San Diego and as the Deputy Advisor for Palestinian Affairs in Hebron for the Israel Ministry of Defense. They also served as an Intelligence Analyst in Unit 8200 of the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

Overall, Niran Avni brings a wealth of experience in operations, marketing, and strategic leadership to their roles.

Niran Avni completed a Certificate program in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at Givat Haviva Institute from 2006 to 2007. Later, from 2011 to 2014, Niran attended Reichman University, where they pursued a degree in Government, Strategy, and Diplomacy. No information was provided regarding Niran Avni's field of study during their time at Reichman University.



  • Chief Operating Officer

    January, 2023 - present