Nooruddin Feerasta

Director at Soneri Bank Limited

Mr. Nooruddin Feerasta is the sponsor director of the Bank. He is also managing his business interests in Rupali Polyester Limited, Rupafil Limited, Ruapli Nylon (Pvt.) Limited and Rupafil PowerGen (Pvt.) Limited where he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He joined the Group business after completing his education in MBA from USA in 1986. He has also participated in various International and local seminars on industrial developments, marketing strategies, laws and taxation.

He is a reputable industrialist of Pakistan having business interests ranging from Polyester Staple and Polyester Yarn manufacturing, marketing to Trade and Banking. He has diversified experience of more than 30 years in managing industry’s operational activities such as marketing, finance, manufacturing, plant operations and legal and corporate management. He is the Chairman of Board’s Credit Committee and Member of the Audit Committee.


  • Director

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