Specialisterne USA


Specialisterne, which translates from Danish as “The Specialists”, is a socially innovative company where the majority of employees have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. Employees work as IT business consultants on tasks such as software testing, programming and data entry for the public and priv... Read more





Org chart

Francesc Sistach

Steen B. Lohse
CEO, Specialisterne Foundation,
Radha MacCulloch
VP & Head of CANADA
Diana Mirakaj-Finnerty
VP & Head of US
Erin Hines
Head of Operations & People
Loren White
Head of Program Delivery
Patrick Tritschler
Head of Program Development & Innovation
Mohammed Siddique
Director of IT
Debbie Linick
Development & Fundraising Director
Brennan Shearer
Corporate Engagement Manager
Meggie Stewart
Business Development Manager
Jenn Feldman
Business Development Manager
Bianca Go
Program Delivery Manager
Chris Braga
Talent Acquisition Manager
Amber Skinner
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Dario Fusciardi
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Laura Addison
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Susan Vosseler
Engagement Facilitator