St. Christophers School

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St. Christopher’s School knows, loves, and celebrates boys, promotes their pursuit of excellence, and prepares them for lives of honor and integrity, service, and leadership.




Org chart

Mason Lecky
Head Master

Mason Lecky

Kim Hudson
Director, The Center for the Study of Boys & Associate Head, Upper School
Warren Hunter
Head, Middle School
Todd Stansbery
Head, Lower School
Jake Westermann
Head, Upper School
Ed Cowell
Assistant Head, School for Community Engagement
Sarah Mansfield
Assistant Head, School
John Ohmer
Upper School Chaplain
Kerry Court
Director, Arts
Jane Garnet Brown
Director, Development
Hiram Cuevas
Director, Information Systems & Academic Technology
Janine Davila
Director, Auxiliary Operations
Sharon Dion
Director, Communications
Mark Gentry
Director, Facilities
Hamill Jones
Director, Admissions & Financial Aid
Maryn Ward
Director, Accounting & Business Manager
Tony Szymendera
Director, Strategic Priorities
Ann Vanichkachorn
Director, Health & Wellness
Davis Wrinkle
Director, Alumni & Parent Relations
Allyson Diljohn
Director, College Counseling
Ren O'Ferrall
Director, Athletics
Andy Taibl
Associate Director, Athletics & Co-Director, CAP