St. Luke's University Health Network


Founded in 1872, St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) is a fully integrated, regional, non-profit network of more than 17,000 employees providing services at 14 campuses and 300+ outpatient sites. With annual net revenue of $2.7 billion, the Network’s service area includes 11 counties: Lehig... Read more





Org chart

Richard A. Anderson
President & CEO

Richard A. Anderson

Trish Savitsky
Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer
JP Orlando
Chief Graduate Medical Education Officer
Robert Martin
SVP & Chief Strategy Officer
Donna Sabol
SVP & Chief Quality Officer
Chad Brisendine
VP & Chief Information Officer
Robert Wax
General Counsel & SVP, Legal Services
Patrick Bower
VP, Development
Frank Ford
President, St. Luke’s Sacred Heart Campus
Lisa Giovanni
President, Visiting Nurse Association of St. Luke’s
Linda J. Grass
President, St. Luke’s Easton Campus
Gabe Kamarousky
President, Geisinger St. Luke’s Hospital
Carol Kuplen
President, St. Luke’s University Hospital-Bethlehem Campus & Chief Nursing Officer
Wendy Lazo
President, St. Luke’s Miners Campus
Trevor Micklos
President, St. Luke’s Hospital-Warren Campus
Joe Minahan
President, St. Luke’s Physician Group
William Moyer
President, West Region & Allentown Campus
Wayne A. Mugrauer
President, St. Luke's Penn Foundation
Edward Nawrocki
President, East Region & Anderson Campus
John Nespoli
President, St. Luke’s Lehighton Campus & St. Luke's Carbon Campus
Dennis Pfleiger
President, St. Luke’s Upper Bucks Campus & St. Luke’s Quakertown Campus
Donald Seiple
President, St. Luke’s Monroe Campus
Aldo Carmona
SVP, Clinical Integration & Chairman of Anesthesia
Hal L. Folander
SVP, Chief Medical Strategy Officer Network Chairman, Department of Radiology
Jeffrey A. Jahre
SVP, Medical & Academic Affairs
Evan Ochs
SVP, Human Resources
Rajika Reed
VP, Community Health
Michael A. Abgott
Chairman, Family Medicine
Douglas Lundy
Chairman, Orthopedics
William R. Burfeind
Chairman, Surgery
Christopher Chapman
Chairman, Pathology
Raymond A. Durkin
Chairman, Cardiovascular Medicine
Shaden Eldakar-Hein
Senior Associate Dean, Temple/St. Luke’s School of Medicine
John N. Gillard
Chairman, Advanced Practice
Jonathan Hosey
Chairman of Neuroscience
Jennifer Janco
Chairman, Pediatrics
Andrew C. Krakowski
Chair, Dermatology
Rebecca M. Pequeno
Chairman, Emergency Medicine
Justin P. Psaila
Chairman, Medicine
Israel Zighelboim
Chairman of Oncology, Cancer Center Director
Dennis M. McGorry
Chairman, Family Practice, St. Lukes Hospital-Allentown Campus
Zachariah Goldsmith
Chairman, Surgery, St. Lukes Hospital-Anderson Campus
Tiana Shekari
Chairman, Ambulatory Medicine, St. Lukes Hospital-Anderson Campus
Abby White
Chairman, Medicine, St. Luke’s Hospital-Anderson Campus
Michael Sabol
Chairman, Medicine, Geisinger St. Luke’s Hospital
Michael Martinez
Chairman, Surgery, St. Luke’s Hospital-Lehighton Campus
James Cipolla
Chairman, Surgery, St. Luke’s Hospital-Miners Campus
Christopher M. Sanders
Chair of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
James A. James
Chairman of Psychiatry
Andrew Brown
Chairman of Surgery
Jarrod Keeler
Chief of Surgery, St. Lukes Hospital-Allentown Campus
Christopher S. Alia
VP, Medical Affairs, St. Lukes Hospital-Allentown Campus
Robert S. Gayner
VP, Medical Affairs, St. Luke’s University Hospital–Bethlehem Campus
William Markson
VP, Medical Affairs, St. Luke’s Hospital-Lehighton Campus
Gary Bonfante
Medical Director, Geisinger St. Luke’s Hospital
Robert Reinhart
VP, Medical Affairs, St. Luke’s Hospital-Miners Campus
John W Brinker
Senior Medical Director, East Region, St. Luke’s Hospital-Monroe Campus
Douglas A. Degler
Chief, Medicine, St. Luke’s Hospital-Monroe Campus
Peter Favini
Chief, Emergency Medicine, St. Luke’s Hospital-Monroe Campus
Kristin Marek
Medical Director, North Region, St. Luke’s Hospital-Monroe Campus
Jamie L. Thomas
VP, Medical Affairs, St. Luke’s Hospital-Monroe Campus
Gibson George
Medical Director, Penn Foundation
Eric Eustice
VP, Medical Affairs, St. Luke’s Hospital-Sacred Heart Campus
Nicole D. Yoder
VP, Medical Affairs, St. Luke’s Hospital-Upper Bucks Campus
Joseph Bucich
VP, Medical Affairs, St. Luke’s Hospital-Warren Campus
Felicia Heath
VP, Medical Affairs, Geisinger St. Luke’s Hospital
Elizabeth Dierking
Chair of Obstetrics & Gynecology