Stanford University


Stanford University is one of the world's leading research universities. Stanford is known for its entrepreneurial character, drawn from the legacy of its founders, Jane and Leland Stanford, and its relationship to Silicon Valley. Research and teaching stress interdisciplinary approaches to problem... Read more





Org chart

Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Robert Wallace
CEO, Stanford Management Company
Megan W. Pierson
Chief of Staff to the President
Randy Livingston
VP, Business Affairs, CFO & University Liaison for Stanford Medicine
Debra Zumwalt
VP & General Counsel
Howard E. Wolf
VP, Alumni Affairs & President, Stanford Alumni Association
Robert C. Reidy
VP, Land, Buildings & Real Estate
Amy Shy
Senior Director of Human Resources for Business Affairs
Chi-Chang Kao
Director, SLAC
Thomas Gilligan
Director, Hoover Institution
Angie Wilcox
Director for Operational Effectiveness
Nick Swan
Director of Student Academic Experience
Ann Enthoven
Senior Associate Director, Donor Relations
Lisa M. Alvarez
Associate Director, Donor Relations
Josh Dieterich
Associate Director, Development, Natural & Social Sciences
Marion Marquardt
Associate Director, Web Services
James Steichen
Associate Director, Development, Humanities
Lianne Lindeke
Associate Director, Donor Relations
Mike Bittner
Associate Director of Health, Safety, & Emergency Management
Robert Utter
Product Manager
Joseph Wibowo
Web Project Manager
Joe Flynn
Project Manager, Writer
Derek Brown
Conflict of Interest & Commitment & Export Control Manager
Lipo Ching
Digital Media Manager
Simrath Matharu
Faculty Affairs Administrator
Sal Mancuso
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
Casey Shook
Operations & Programs Coordinator
Albert Hughes
Product Owner
John Dalton
Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Colleen Laurent
Staff Associate, Faculty Affairs & Administrator, Natural Sciences