Suffolk Construction

Suffolk is leading the transformation of the construction industry with high-performing people, innovative processes.





Org chart

John Fish
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Ann Klee
Executive Vice President of Business Development
Charlie Avolio
President & General Manager of New York
Dale Wagner
Vice President of Environmental, Health & Safety
Dave Fenton
Chief Operating Officer, Boston
David Teixeira
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Boston
Dennis Berger
Chief Culture Officer
Jay Tangney
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Jeff Gouveia
Executive Vice President & General Manager of the Northeast
Jit Kee Chin
Executive Vice President, Chief Data & Innovation Officer
Josh Christensen
Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Florida's Gulf Coast
Lea Stendahl
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Linda Dorcena Forry
Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Community for the Northeast
Mark Penny
General Manager, South Central Region
Mark Reed
President & General Manager of South Central Region
Mike Dinapoli
General Manager of Northern California
Nick Dhimitri
Vice President, External Affairs
Pete Tuffo
President of the Southeast
Puneet Mahajan
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Desharnais
General Manager, East Coast of Florida
Scott Potter
Chief Operating Officer, San Diego
Tony Rango
President, West Region
Will Whitesell
Chief Operating Officer of New York
Zach Hammond
General Manager, San Diego
Stephen Chang
Chief Operating Officer, West Palm Beach
Doug Myers
EVP, Chief Information Officer
Ben Wilson
COO, Florida's Gulf Coast
Kristi Hogan
COO of San Francisco