shinje Innocent

CEO at Tanzua Group

Shinje Innocent is a young and dynamic CEO who has taken the reins of the Tanzua Group in 2020. Despite his young age of 24, Shinje has already made a big impact on the company and has demonstrated a strong passion for learning and trying new things.

Born and raised in Mwanza, Shinje holds a high school diploma and has always been known for his hard-working attitude and determination. He joined the Tanzua Group as a storekeeper, but quickly worked his way up the ranks to become CEO.

Since taking over as CEO, Shinje has implemented several innovative strategies that have helped the company to grow and thrive. He has a keen eye for spotting new opportunities and is not afraid to take calculated risks to achieve his goals.

One of the things that sets Shinje apart from other CEOs is his passion for learning. Despite already having achieved a great deal of success, he is always looking for ways to improve and expand his knowledge. Whether it’s attending industry conferences, reading business books, or seeking out the advice of mentors, Shinje is always striving to become a better leader.

Under Shinje’s leadership, the Tanzua Group has become a well-respected and successful company. He has inspired his employees to work hard and strive for excellence, and has built a culture of collaboration and innovation.

In conclusion, Shinje Innocent is a young and driven CEO who is making a big impact in the business world. With his hard-working attitude, passion for learning, and determination to succeed, he is sure to achieve great things in the future. The Tanzua Group is lucky to have such a talented and visionary leader at the helm, and the future looks bright under Shinje’s guidance.


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


  • CEO

    January 1, 2023 - present

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